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Aishlyn -Earthbender
-The Shy One

Message – April 19, 2012

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"Be gentle like the earth, for it is your friend and you should treat it with softness."
Vital statistics
Title The gentle earthbender
Gender Female
Race Earthbender
Faction -
Health Good
Level Intermediate
Status Alive; 15
Location Her mountain


Born in Bas sing se, Aishlyn didn't cry at all when she was a baby. In fact, even as a young child she did not talk until age seven. Her parents knew she was very shy and timid. They owned a nice tea shop and she instantly fell in love with jasmine tea, it always making her feel better after hard times. In class she would get very good grades in earthbending, but actually preferred using earthbending to help the enviorment, not for just fighting. Many people picked on her, which made her even more quiet and timid. Aishlyn grew up being a loner and spending her days painting landscapes of forests and mountains. As her peers grew stronger with earthbender, she grew more graceful with art and mastered the calmness of earthbending instead of the fighting part. One day, her parents were killed by equalists, because they refused to bow down to amon's grandson. She watched when she was thirteen and was greatly saddened, fleeing before they could find her. Escaping Bas sing se for the rural countryside, Aishlyn spent her days in a lush forest many, many miles away. There she can count paint, practice earthbending gracefully, and sing songfully with the birds. One day, she met a badger-mole who came to the surface and named it Teelyn. They currently live in no home, but in the wide open forest where they see the stars at night and feel the earth all the time. She loves making Jasmine tea, painting, and earthbending with Teelyn.


Earthbending - Aishlyn isn't that good at the fighting part, but has mastered the calmness and collected side. She listens and waits to the earth, often taking many moments before moving her feet. She can throw rocks at people, but prefers not too. Her greatest skill is moving the earth to go into mountains or rocks. She could make a giant palace out of rock for herself but prefers living outside closer to the earth.

Where she usually spends the night


Aishlyn has platinum blonde hair, rare for a person born of the earth kingdom. She has blue eyes and always wears a pretty multicolored rock headband on her head. She dresses very casual, with rural clothing such as a plain green tang top with ragged brown pants and muddy boots. She prefers dressing "like the earth" and does not care for formal clothing.


She is very shy and timid ever since she was a child. People teasing her and her parents death has effected her personality in many ways. While most people would want revenge for Amon's grandson, she does not get angry at all and is at peace about it. She is often seen with her head staring at the floor, not able to meet people's eyes. She cares very deeply about the earth and acts like it's her child. She very much resembles a hippie in modern day, having not appreciate war and just want peace and love. She also loves campong in her forest and sleeping under the stars. She prefers the more peaceful and gentle side of earthbending.


Teelyn (pronounced shen-an-la) is Aishlyn's blind bagemole and only friend. She lives in the forest with her and is very shy like Aishlyn. She has pure copper eyes and a black fur with lines of white, grey, and dark

Teelyn up close

brown fur. Teelyn also has a handmade saddle in which Aishlyn can ride her calmly through the forest. Though blind, she can navagate and earthbend just like her owner.