Lord Umbira
Me and my sister have World Domination at the tip of our fingers -Dogoth
Bender of
Shadow, Slight Blood
Lord Umbria
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Ketsueki Umbria- Sister
Status Alive, 18
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'10
Affiliation Death Benders
Weapons Bending
Nation Northern Water Tribe


Was born in the Northern Water Tribe 2 years before his sister.He moved to the south with his father to help with the war.He never was good with weapons, but he had a great skill with bending.When he turned ten the southern water tribe attacked after their failed attempts to fight them.This later triggered the Earth Civil War where the Fire and Air Nations would have to take stands and stop the wars.He helped his sister kill the Southern Water Tribe members that killed his father while they were fighting them off.His sister taught him some Bloodbending, and they killed all who opposed them.Dogoth studied energy bending for a long time, and used his anger to create a new type of bending with his siter known as shadowbending.They then formed the Death Bender, and became wanted criminals around the world.


Dogoth has many scars and burns across his face from fighting. He uses this to scare those who look at him. He wears a black shirt and a scarlet overcoat, with the Death Bender logo stained on his shirt in blood.


He was never very nice, as he was forced into war at a young age. When his father died, he became even angrier, and will kill anyone who even makes a rude joke about him.


  • His Bloodlust has lead him to some weakness
  • Unlike his sister, Dogoth often goes into cities to kill enemies, for he has become a master of stealth after the war
  • He only cares about her army and his sister.He has no care for anyone else.