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Edana -Firebender

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Hey come talk to me, unless your afraid of getting burned.

Edana Risette
Joy by airuko (2
Bender of
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Llen earth-bender brother
Status Alive 16
Eye Color Ember
Hair Color Black/dark brown
Height 5"6
Affiliation Republic City, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation
Weapons Fire Bending
Nation Fire/Earth


Edana grew up in a small earth kingdom town. Her family were farmers and were scarce to the world. Edana was infact a fire bender since her grandfather was. And her brother Llen was an earthbender like her mother. Edana strived to see teh world, but was kept grounded to help her family. One night while Edana was sleeping she smelled smoke. She ran out of her house and found that the farm was on fire, including the house. She ran and tried to find her family and foudn that her parents were dead and her brother was nowhere to be found. She sprinted out of the house and looked everywhere for him, but couldn't find him. So as result Edana buries her parents after the fire is put out and she sets off to find her brother. She spends two long years going across the continent and the seas in search of him(He was her best friend) She then one day desided that it was a lost cause so she goes into an inn to rest and goes downstairs to find her brother gambling downstairs. She is overcome with joy and she askes him why he left. He said that he had nothing to lose so he decided tobecome a bountyhunter because he beleived that their house didn't catch on fire itsself. Edana begged her brother to let her help him but he wouldn't let her. So she decided to go to republic city to find a new life.


Since she grew up on a farm she had to train and become strong so now she has endurancstrength and Endurance from when she went traveling to find her brother after her parents deaths. She can also cook and grow food ect.. She is also fairly agile and is somewhat acrobatic from her bending style. . Bending power: She is a firebender


She carrues around with her a dagger that used to belong to her now deceased father. She is also equipped with her witts and snappy comeback attitude. And she wears earthkingdom cuffs with her fire nation garb. She also has a headband with an earthkingdom/firenation jioned symbols on it.