"Let the air guide you." -Ivy
Vital statistics
Title Skilled Airbender
Gender Female
Race Airbender
Faction -
Health Very good
Level Skilled
Status Alive; 16
Location Air Temple Island


Born in the Eastern Air Temple, Ivette's mother was the great-granddaughter of Ikki, the granddaughter of Avatar Aang. Her father was a water tribe chief and waterbender. Her mother did not airbend but strangely Ivette could airbend and started doing so as a child. She lived with her cousins, aunts, and uncles in the once deserted homes. One day, Amon's grandson sent his chi blockers at them, and they fought gallantly. Ivette was 6 years old at the time and didn't know exactly what was going on. They gave her a young flying bison named Habbi and sent her off to go to Air Temple Island in Republic City so she could live with her other relatives. After many days of traveling with little food and water, Ivette finally reached Air Temple Island. Her Aunt, who was the grandaughter of Jinora, took her in and raised her as her own. Ivette later found that her parents and many of her siblings were taken by Amon's forces, and she currently doesn't know where they are. She spent many years practicing and perfecting her bending, while attending some pro bending matches. Ivette, now being called Ivy for short, currently lives on Air Temple Island in the same home that her great-great-great-grandfather Tenzin lived in.


Airbending - Ivy can fly and wind surf with her white sail glider. She can jump and run at high speeds, be light on her toes, blow massive ammounts of air at a target, and create large tornados. WIP


Due to being half water tribe, Ivy generally has tanned skin with dark freckles and dark brown hair with a tint of burnt red. Her eyes are cloudy grey, the only thing airbender from her looks. She dresses in all white, all the time, representing peace and harmony. She wears a flower headband made from real flowers. She has a white tang top on most of the time and usually dresses in a very casual manner. While in training Ivy wears the traditional orange Airbender outfit.


Stubborn yet calm, Ivy is a good fighter and strong headed girl. She doesn't give up on a fight and is very loyal to her friends. She loves the ways of being gentle with airbending, yet being aggressive and forceful. She tends to get in trouble with the police alot and is considered a 'wanted criminal'. Her aunt and uncle dont care for her reckless behaviour and could rather her be a smart successful woman. She loves goofing around and having fun though. Her best friend is Habbi, her flying bison, who rarely hleps her out of tought siuations. She absolutely loves pro bending and has a dream to play in it with a team.