WaterTribeEmblem This character is a Waterbender.
AirNomadsEmblem This character is an Airbender.
Kara Yue
Hai~ Kara Yue
Bender of
Waterbending and Airbending
Princess of the Northern Water Tribe
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Northern Water Tribe Royalty
Status Alive; 15
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Weapons Waterbending
Nation Northern Water Tribe


Kara is royalty in the Northern Water Tribe. She was described as being a girly girl, but she wanted to get out there and join life outside the Northern Water Tribe. Her father let her, and she left and explored the world. She joined the Avatar, and is in his posy currently. She is best friends with Tayra.


Kara can be a trickster at times, but she can also be serious. She is laidback and enjoys having fun, and getts along GREAT with everyone. But sometimes,
when others struggle and think their right all the time, she acts alittle smug.


Kara is both a waterbender and an airbender. She has great control over her water capablities, and is okay with her airbending.

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