Lady Umbria
Me and my brother have World Domination at the tip of our fingers -Ketsueki
Bender of
Blood,Slight Shadow
Second in Command of Death Benders
Lady Umbria
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Dogoth Umbria- Brother
Status Alive,16
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'4
Affiliation Death Benders
Weapons Staff,Sword
Nation Northern Water Tribe


Lady Umbria -Bloodbender
-Second in command of Death Benders

Message – 17:14, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

Do you want to join us on our World Domination?


Was born in the Northern Water Tribe 2 years after her brother.Her brother and father moved to the South to help with a small war down they're.She spent her time learning to Waterbend and fight with a sword.When she turned 8 the southern water tribe attacked even though her families failed attempts to fight them.This later triggered the Earth Civil War where the Fire and Air Nations would have to take stands and stop the wars.She killed the Southern Water Tribe members that killed her mother.She grew so Angry that she learned Bloodbending and killed those who seemed offensive to her.She later taught her brother this skill because he was angry for his father's death.They both discovered Shadow Bending and created the Death Benders.They are some of the most wanted criminals in the World.


Most describe her as being very Beautiful but deadly.She wears her old Water Tribe Vest with dried blood splattered all over it and the Death Bender Symbol on her Right Shoulder.


Why she used to be nice she grew Angry and very Hateful during the war.Sometimes she will Flirt with boys and get them to join the Death Benders.She likes to trick people into running into traps.She wont hesitate before killing someone.


  • Her Bloodlust has lead her to some weakness
  • She never goes to major cities to avoid conflict...But mostly so she doesnt die.
  • She only cares about her army and her brother.She has no care for anyone else.