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Miv -Spirit of Dreams
-Sleeping Beauty

Message – April 28, 2012

*yawns* Hello...
Miv Eldunn
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Vital statistics
Title The Spirit of Dreams
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Faction -
Health Very good
Level -
Status Alive; 15 (when she became Immortal)
Location Spirit World


Miv Eldunn (pronounced Elle-done) was born two hundred years ago in the northern water tribe. She met the avatar who traveled there and became his best friend. She accompanied him on his adventures and grew to like him alot. They went to the southern water tribe and found a small cave in the middle of no where. There was a secret meditating place there and he began to meditate to the Spirit World. It was during a solstice, so Miv could go as well. She tried to catch up with him, but he told her to stay there to he could go talk to Koh. She waited and waited, but finally decided to roam around, thinking she should see everything since it might be the only time she could. She grew very lost, wandering around and befriending a monkey spirit. After many hours, she grew tired, and decided to rest in a strange looking garden. Little did she know, once you sleep in that garden, you will set free the current spirit and you will be the spirit of dreams. When she woke up, she realized she was some-what glowing and knew she was immortal. She learned that her avatar best friend was defeatened by Koh and was deeply saddened. Miv currently lives in the Spirit World.


Invisibility - Miv was turn herself invisible, like most spirits.

Dream and Sleep powers - Miv inherited the powers from the former Spirit of Dreams. She can make people have very good dreams or very bad dreams. She can also see what dreams people have, even by looking at them. Miv can also make people become fast asleep or very, very sleepy.


Miv had light brown hair and blue eyes, with a traditional nothern water tribe outfit. Her appearance changed when she became the Spirit of Dreams. Her hair grew silver and her eyes grew grey. She usually wears a white or dark teal long, silky nightgown-type dress. She is always seen sleeping or dozing off.


Miv is very curious, adventurous, and sweet. When she became the Spirit of Dreams, however, she grew very tired all the time. She very often yawns and rubs her eyes. She loves calm sounds and quiet talking, she sometimes speaks in whisper. She loves to sleep and loves day dreaming. She is very blank sometimes, often drifting her thoughts somewhere else and always having her voice trailing off.