Hey guys so I decided to make a blog to check in and tell u about stuffz. So anyhow I've drawn all of the drawings for Pokemon Legends, and I'll have to post them below since I can't convince thing to make a blog about them. Btw, there sideways, so just turn ur head wen u look at them. Also, I don't know if you saw my last blog but I'm in Minnesota, and guess what. My aunt has a computer downstairs. So, ya thats what I'm using right now. Also, I'm getting addicted to watching OfficialBAMF. For those who are not familiar with the art of BAMFaliciusness, OfficialBAMF is my favorite youtube channel, and I'm talking like the person on it during this blog. So, I'll give you a link below so you can imagine how this is meant to be said. Bye.







Gray Full Body


Pokemon Legends Logo (Legends Misspelling lol)

Bamfilicius LinkEdit

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