Before saying no Hear me out first.I found allot of Conversations on the Avatar Wiki that had to do with Multi-Bending.Most people in these conversations say it is probaably possible if One Element is more dominant than the other.For example:

  • Couldnt one of her or bumi's kids airbend since they still carry the gene from aang?

6 days ago by Fitz101Reply

    • [1]Technically that is possible, although it's less likely for Kya because waterbending is her dominant gene.

6 days ago by Mysteria Femina

    • [2]No it's not possible.

6 days ago by an anonymous contributor

    • [3]It's technically possible but unlikely.

5 days ago by 1337BenderBoss

    • [4]WELL if we view it like genetics usually people are more likely to inherit characteristics from their grandparents rather then their parents. So I would guess yeah, its certainly possible.

5 days ago by an anonymous contributor

    • [5]People can inherit things from their grandparents, it happens in most people, so yeah, its possible.

4 days ago by an anonymous contributor

    • [6]i doubt it. if a water bender married a firebender, and their son could waterbend, and the he married an earthbender... i dont think a water bender and an earthbender could make a fire bender even if both of them had fire bending parents

2 days ago by an anonymous contributor

    • [7]Skipping a generation isn't how genetics works, even though it's possible, it's unlikely. The only way for a child to not have something from a parent means that the trait is recessive. The only way for the grandchild to then have that recessive trait is if both of the grandchilds parents have the same recessive trait. So it would most likely require an airbender as a grandparent on BOTH sides of the family tree. Of course, bending doesn't work along the lines of genetics.

22 hours ago by Ragnell wielder -------------

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