The Arena

The Pro-Bending Tounament Is a tournament which consist of 3-4 benders a team fighting each other.It is very popular in the Republic City and appreciated by all the people there.

Team SetupEdit

Teams will consist of 3-4 benders fightning. Each team has a primary and secondary color to mark they're team and on they're helmets will have a small line to represent they're bending technique(Earth is Green,Fire is Red,Water is Blue,and Air is Gray).Of course Air Benders are only on a few teams cause of they're small population.If they're isnt another Air Bender on the other Team then the Air Bender will sit out for that fight.

Current TeamsEdit

Division 1Edit

Team 1

Avatar Elements by luckybaka The Bending Circle


Their are different rules for Different benders but some rules go for all Benders

Main RulesEdit

If you cross the line before given a penalty that's a penalty

If your knock someone off the Side is a penalty (Back only)

Multi-benders can only use ONE elements per match, and they must announce it before the match. They cannot change bending elements in the middle of a match, or they will be penalized. This includes the avatar

Special Bending Abilities like Metal, lightning, or Blood are not allowed.

If teams are not ready within 5 minutes they're disqualified

If teams are on a loosing streak they will be asked to change teammates or be disqualified from the entire tournament.

If one hits the Referee (accidentally or not) they will have a disqualification

No Weapons are allowed

Water Bender RulesEdit

Headshots are allowed for this Element

Each blast have to be at least a second apart meaning no hose abilities or tidal waves

Steam,fog,and Ice are not allowed

Water must be pulled from Zone lines

Earth Bender RulesEdit

Headshots are not allowed for this element

They may only Bend the Rock Disc in they're zone, and they must stay in disc form.

May only Bend Earth in it's Raw Form,No sand or dust.

Fire Bender RulesEdit

Headshots are not allowed for this Element

Each Blast may not exceed one second in duration meaning no flamethrowers

No Giant Fire Waves

No Lightning is allowed

Air Bending RulesEdit

Headshots are allowed for this Element

Air Blast must be like Fire and Water blast

Air Bending Staffs are permitted until the Semi-Championships, but can not be used to glide, nor can they be used to physically hit an opponent, or they will be penalized

Air Benders are not Allowed if their is not an Air Bender on the Other team.

Season layoutEdit

Regular Season LayoutEdit

Team 1 VS Team 3, Team 2 bye week.

Team 3 vs Team 2, Team 1 Bye week.

Team 2 vs Team 1, Team 3 bye week.

Team 3 vs Team 1, Team 2 bye week.

Team 2 vs Team 3, team 1 bye week.

Team 1 vs Team 2, team 3 bye week.

The two Teams with highest record moves on to the play off.

Play off LayoutEdit

You can only have a play off when there are six teams, or two divisions. If there these terms are not met, the team with the best record wins the tournament. If we get mors If met, the playoff's will go like this:

Division 1 Seed 1 vs Division 2 seed 2

Division 2 Seed 1 vs Division 1 Seed 2

Winner of game 1 faces winner of game two in a best of three game Champion series, with a bye day in between games 2 and 3. On that day, the losers bracket will face and the winner of that game will be named third place. The week after the Champion league there will be an All Star game. The Top Bender's each league will be picked and asked to play in a one game match. They may decline, and if they do, they have to choice to pick their replacement. If they do not, then a new player will be chosen.

Sign UpEdit

Once you have read these rules, and if you want to make a team go here and make a team.