Cave 1

The Entrance to the cave

This is the cave the Pyroz Foreground lives in.It has many things he stores to keep travelers and himself ready for a long journey.He only let's in the people he finds worthy enough.Otherwise he makes them wait and he goes to get the supplies.


The Entrance looks like an abondand ruin so people dont get to curious and enter.It has a few traps around it so people dont enter.Everyone of them is triggered and shoots fire out of little pumps.It works where you step through a small rope and it triggers the Fire pumps to shoot out fire keeping travelers away.He cen deactivate the Traps with a small Lever hidden in the wall.When he's not there their is a gate that is really hard to open covering the entrance.


Cave 2

The Interior of his cave

The inside of the cave has a coach that he sleeps on and stairs leading up to his little armory.He has food and other supplies a little deeper in.This is where he Lives and trains.Their is a Training room upstairs also with a few Dummies that he burns and Slashes and shoots at.He builds more on his spair time.Finally there is a small Room inside where he can keeps an eye on what's going on ouside the cave.It leads up to a balcony and also has a map.This is his Stategy and Lookout room.He only uses this to plan Attacks,Find routes,and Keep an eye on people that look suspicios to him.