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Pyroz -Lava Bender
-Lone Traveler

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Hello?What do you want?
Pyroz Foreground
Wonder what my meaning in life is...-Pyroz
Bender of
Fire and Earth
Lone Traveler
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Dad(Deceased)


Status Alive,16
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'10"
Affiliation The Woods
Weapons Silver Sword(Father's)

Gold Bow(Mother's)

Nation Earth Nation & Fire Nation


He was born to an Earthbender mother and a Fire Lord for a dad.His real name isnt Pyroz Foreground that is a name he made up,No one knows his real name because he never tells.He took his Dad's traits and went Firebending.He spent his childhood trying to master the technique.Eventually his Mother died in the middle of a small Civil War.He spent his life mourning over the loss of his own mother.He and his dad went to move to the Republic City then he was killed by some type of Assassin.Pyroz took out the Assassin and ran to find the Republic city.He made it and lived in an Inn there for a while.Eventually he started travelling around to search for those who killed his father.He has been searching for an entire year but hasnt given up the chase.He eventually cleared out a cave and made a home there.He still lives there when he comesaround the area.It is stocked with Weapons and Armor and all sorts of Goods to keep him alive.

Bending and WeaponsEdit

FireNationEmblem This character is a Firebender.
EarthKingdomEmblem This character is a Earthbender.

He is a Firebender and has almost mastered his fire bending abilities.He is currently practicing Earthbending.

He carries his mom's bow and Dad's sword around with him to protect him on journies.He tampered with them to make them Fire proof so they could do more damage.


He only talks to people he see's as "important".Otherwise he might talk to a lost hiker to give them directions as he has been around all over and knows almost all of the cities.


  • He has learned to befriend nature
  • He has always wanted to be on a Pro-Bending team