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FireNationEmblem This character is a Firebender.
Seamus Kane
"It's time to end this war"- Seamus
Bender of
Jack of All Trades
Master of the Flame
Important Information
Gender Male
Family May Kane- Mother, Deceased

Able Kane- Father

Titus Kenyatta- Cousin

Alice Kenyatta- Cousin, Deceased

Mark Kenyatta- Uncle

Marrisa Kenyatta- Aunt

Status Alive, 16
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6 feet
Affiliation Many
Weapons Bending
Nation Fire


Seamus Kane was born to May and Able Kane 16 years ago, in the heart of the Fire Nation. When he was six, his house was attacked by firebending criminals. He, his father, and his pet Cat-Owl Miru escaped the attack, but unfortunatley, both their house, and his mother was gone. Seamus and his father then went to his aunt and uncle's house in Ba-Sing Se. There, he became great friends with his cousins Alice, who was the same age as him, and Titus, who was three years older. After following Titus and Alice when they mysteriously went out into the city at nighttime, he figured out that they were actually stopping law breaking criminals. Seamus asked to join them, and they said yes, as long as he didn't tell anyone. He agreed, and began to help them in their fight against criminals. It was when he was fighting with them that he discovered he could firebend. He began working himself every day to train hard and become a master firebender. A few years later, the Earth Nation began to chase them, and wile Titus and Alice ran to Republic City, but Seamus ran to the Fire Nation. He told them he has some buisness to take care of, and that he would meet them there in a month or so. So, Seamus ran off to the Fire Nation to kill the man who had killed his mother. But, before he could get there, he got a message from Titus that Alice had been killed by an Anti-Bender. Seamus ran to Republic City, and found that Titus had joined a group called the benders union. He joined them for a year, and learned much more about fire bending, and even learned how to bend electricity. After a year or so though, he learned of benders with dark abilities attacking his family in Ba Sing Se. Even though he was attacked many times on his journey by Earth Kingdom Soldiers looking for the person performing illegal vigilanteisim known as Seamus Kane, he finally got to the Earth Kingdom before the Death Benders (the benders with the dark abilities) could get to his family. Seamus didn't know that they were actually going to attack his family, all he knew was they were causing a lot of trouble and death. It was then that Seamus first me Dogoth Umbria, one of the leaders of the Death Benders. They fought, and Seamus burned him many times. Right when Seamus that he had the battle won, a horrible darkness came over him. Seamus knew Dogoth was doing something, but he didn't quite know what. Dogoth must have realized that Seamus could injure him, so hen ran, leaving Seamus in the horrible, horrible darkness. When the darkness left, he was in an Earthn Kingdom Prizon. After breaking out and realizing the Death Benders weren't going to come back to Ba Sing Se, Seamus went back to Republic City. He told Titus that he was leaving the Benders Union to go and fight the Death Benders. And that he did, for almost six months. It was then when it seemed to him that he had had enough fighting evil, and joined the Pro-Bending Tournaments for about a month. After that, he got bored and went to live simply as a civillian in Republic City. Titus has given him the nickname Jack of all Trades, for he has been a wanted criminal, a member of the Benders Union, a Death Bender fighter, and a civillian.


Seamus is very kind and generous to anyone who is not a death bender, criminal, or something of that sort. Despite that, he is often parinoid, and if he gets startled, may end up burning his house down.


Seamus has Long black hair that he spikes up. He usually wears a long black trenchcoat over his fire nation uniform. Despite the many scars and burns on Seamus' Face, you can almost always find him smiling.


Miru is Seamus pet Owl-Cat that he got when he was a baby from his mother. She is very close to him, for she always reminds him of his mother.


Titus Kenyatta Close
The Benders Union Old Friends
Death Benders Enemies