Learning to Earthbend

Learning to Learning To Earthbend

Shin started his earthbending training in the Arena. He started training for the season, and Titus had him train as an earthbender until the season started. Shin couldn't do it. He couldn't lift the discs, much less launch them at the other Side of the arena. Titus couldn't figure out why. They started to train for out of the arena. Doing things that aren't allowed in their, but are needed to be learnd. HE did slightly better there, and thats where they are focussing right now



Shin is 5'9", with brown hair and blue eyes. HE used to Keep his hair long, but he cut it short for his earthbending training. When he was learning to water bend, he wore his traditional water tribe clothes
Male Waterbender by GreenifyME

His Water Tribe Clothes

He now wears a Green and gold vest, with no shirt. He also wears traditional Earth nation pants, and a leather cord around his neck. On the cord, there is the earth nation symbol, metal bended from Gold.



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Shin got Sifu on a Hunting trip with Hasiki. They had found his mother dead, and Sifu trying to wake her up. Hasiki said that they should kill the Cub (Sifu) but Shin said other wise. Shin took him in as a Pet, and and named him.

Sifu is very protective of Shin, and he is very fond of Hasiki. HE loves to eat, and his favorite food is fish, which he catches himself. He will let Shin or Hasiki ride on him, but not anyone else. When Shin is in danger, Sifu will attack whatever attacks him, and most of the time kills it



  • His Name means "True Wild Orange"
  • Sifu means master, or teacher.
  • Shin once tried to be a Vegetarian, but failed Epicly
  • He is a member of the Pro Bending Team, the Bending Circle.




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