Animated Fire

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"Trust me, If I would have wanted the prim and proper life, you would have known a long time ago." -Tayra
Vital statistics
Title Rebel of the Fire Nation
Gender Female
Race Fire bender
Faction Fire Nation (formally), Republic City
Health Very good
Level Very skilled pro-bender
Status Alive; 17
Location Republic City


Years after Amon died, his son took his place, then his daughter, then her son, and started the non-bending revolution by going to the differents countries first and then Republic City. He was half way through the Fire Nation, killing all the benders, when he reached Tayra's town. She was only eight years old when they discovered she was the last bender in her whole reagon. They sent her to execution in the town square. She had been living in the streets all her live, having never known who her parents were. Just then, a weathly diplomat from a upper-class city in the Fire Nation was visiting and saw her. He knew one day her powers could be used as a good pawn in his game. He willingly adopted her and brought her back to his large mansion in the upper reagon. His wife, who was a spoiled baroness, was constantly critisizing what she did, wore, looked like, acted, etc. She was so fed up but couldn't leave cause they kept her prisoner. She hated the spoiled rotten life they forced down her throat. She wore so many regal dresses and hated them. One time she ever burnt them all to shreads out of rebellion. Tayra grew to love fighting and pro-bending matches on the radio rather than proper dresses and fancy parties. She became a grim, emotionally tired, tomboy with lots of anger issues. She resulted in abusing her room, yelling at the servants, and being very angry all the time. Her adoptive father finally had enough, he locked her in the basement with little food and water. She was dressed up and had lots of make-up on while guests were over, but was a prisoner when there was no one around. Tayra practiced fire-bending everyday and eventually became really great. She tore off her dresses and put on commoner fire nation clothing. She broke out one night, packed her few things that werent expensive or fancy at all. She fled, not caring where she went, as long as it was far away. She traveled to her old town, but everyone there, even people she deeply cared about, rejected her. Her adoptive parents came back to take her home, but she burnt her adoptive mother's eyebrows off and they agreed to release her and no longer be her adoptive parents. She later moved to republic city in hopes of a beter life and found a passion in pro-bending. She met and befriended Titus and they are currently apart of a pro-bending team.


FireNationEmblem This character is a Firebender.

Fire Bending - Tayra is a very skilled fire bender. She can create fire from thin air, but it is naturally stronger with a source. She can make a fire wall and can shoot fire blasts. She is ammune to burns and body contact with fire. WIP


Tayra is described as being "very beautiful, but very troubled." by many people. She has very smooth skin and orange/gold eyes. She has long brown and dark brown highlights that are sometimes curled and locks pulled behind her hair. She wears a ponytail and traditional armor for pro-bending. Tayra still wears fire nation commoner clothing.


Most people want her to act a certain way, which has lead ot her pushing away from everyone. She grew up with no family, and has deep emotional problems, having not taught right from wrong. She hates her former adoptive parents and hates how they trated her. She loves fire bending and fighting in the pro-bending arena. She is a tom boy, and hates dressing up like a proper person.


Tars Da Wen - Former Adoptive Father - hates him

Luna Da Wen - Former Adoptive Mother - hates her

People of her hometown - they betrayed her

  • Her home nation
  • Fire, the only thing that calms her down and makes her happy.