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EarthKingdomEmblem This character is a Earthbender.
Titus Kenyatta
"We were born benders, and that is a blessing, not a curse"- Titus
Bender of
Earth (Metal, Sand)
Leader of Bending Union
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Mark- Father

Marrissa- Mother Alice- Sister, Deceased

Status Alive, 20
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6 foot 5
Affiliation Pro-Bending Team
Weapons None
Nation Earth


Titus was born to a tea shop owner and his wife in Ba Sing Se. When he was two, his little sister Alice was born. Titus treated Alice wonderfully, and they were VERY close. They both became fantastic Earthbenders, and quickly mastered the arts of metal bending and sand bending as well. They became well known, for they would stop crime on occasions. Because of this, they also often got in trouble with the law for illegal vigilanteisim. So, eventually, they moved to Republic City, after being chased by the police through most of the Earth Kingdom for three years. There, the Non-Bending Revelution was getting very strong. When she was ten, she was killed by Non-Benders, wanting to rid the world of "the evil benders". Afterwards he ran around Republic City, fighting the non-bending revolution, and eventually finding the Bender Union. He trained there for many years, till finally, he became leader of the Bender Union.