So i am making a Fanon on the Avatar Fanon wiki. I wanted to let yall know if ya wanted to read it. It will be mainly based on this Wiki, but there will be some changes for the sake of the story. I wanted yall to know, and guess what, LINKEY!! So read it, and please Review it. But if you have plot stuff about it like, certain things that i am not allowed to change about your characters, how i've strayed off of the RP wiki, ect, comment on this blog post. I might sometimes ask yall to guest write with me. And, i will also add them while their WIP on this as a blog, so yall'll see them first. BUt, if you want a Picture of your character, you'll need to find it's origin, and give me the link. Their Policy. Also, the'll be no Mutibending, so multibenders, Tell me your elements. Thanks! KaptepTalk  Allons y! . 01:10, April 27, 2012 (UTC)