Hello Everybody! There has been a intrest in probending. I wabted to say that we need more teams. We ony have one, and we need three for a season. I know that GE was intersted in making a team. Do we have anyone that would like to join? Red, if your character could join, then everybody would be on a team. Also, is NotaMuffin still an Honarary/Full member of the Wolf Pack? if so, can some contact her about joining this wiki? I think i am going to start another team with my WIP character, or I'll join GE's. We will need to have another after that. But i would ask that people not on the same make another one. Like, Thing can't make another team with Mo2 and me. He could make one with GE and Red, but not with us because it would be odd when the faced each other. Please Take a look at this.