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  • Great Expectations


    This page is his PARTY! YAY!

    None other than......DISNEY WORLD! (which includes EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, etc.)

    We ride rides on:

    Big thunder mountain



    Space Mountain


    Spaceship Earth


    We then go to lunch and EAT LOTS O CAKE!

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  • Great Expectations

    Hey guys! I'm back from vaca! yay! I will be on alot more now!

    The news:

    I have created a new wiki a couple of days ago and it's almost finished! Before you say 'we have too many wikis' please note tht this wiki is my original idea and i still really wanna RP on Seven Dark Stones Wiki and Dragons Guild Wiki! My new wiki is a steampunk/ futuristic RP wiki called G.E.A.R.S.

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  • Great Expectations

    Hey everyone I wont be on tomorrow, or the next day but possibly the day after because I'm going on vacation to the states! Sadly it's no where near Disney or Colorado :( :( :( I'm going to New York City with my bro! :D :D :D Be there for nine or so days! Miss u all!

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  • Great Expectations

    I am PineapplePrincess332 and GE! EPIC PRANKED THING

    • PineapplePrincess332Hi!
    • 6:07Great Expectations...
    • hi
    • 6:08TheThing12Hi Pineapple
    • 6:08PineapplePrincess332Hello
    • Guess what?
    • 6:08TheThing12What?
    • 6:08PineapplePrincess332I got a new bow for my Violin
    • 6:08Mtn Dew Studyou hate pineapples?
    • 6:08PineapplePrincess332Oh course not!
    • My grandmother chose the name
    • 6:08TheThing12Cool
    • I want a new Bow soon for my Viola
    • 6:08PineapplePrincess332I wanted a more....classical and professional name
    • 6:09TheThing12Bachtoveen
    • 6:09PineapplePrincess332Ah yes
    • One of my favorite composers
    • 6:09TheThing12Hey I've been meaning to ask
    • 6:09PineapplePrincess332How long have you played the Viola?
    • 6:09TheThing123 years
    • 6:09PineapplePrincess332Fasinating
    • 6:09Mtn Dew Studme? none
    • 6:09TheThing12Anyw…
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