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  • TheThing12

    Help me!!

    June 17, 2012 by TheThing12

    My Stepsister and Sister are having a joint sleepover and I can't sleep.It's a two day thing and they invade my room every few minutes.This is a two day thing and threatening doesn't help they just ignore it and take away my weapons....Save me

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  • TheThing12

    Stole our Idea

    June 8, 2012 by TheThing12

    Hey guys sorry I said I'd be gone but my family is gone and I found something really urgent to tell you.I found another Avatar Roleplay wiki made by CHBRPW users.This is very concerning cause it was only made a couple weeks ago.They obviously took our idea cause they have pictures that we use on their wiki.


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  • TheThing12

    Hey guys this is my last day on for awhile.I have to spend time with my family and pack up because I am going to Texas.For five days I'm packing and spending time with my Mother,Stepdad,and Baby sister then I'm getting on a plane(I hate flying) then I'm gonna settle in on my dad's house.So I won't be on for at least a week or two.Sorry guys,I'll be on today(June 07) but tomorrow I have to leave and get everything ready.

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  • TheThing12

    Gray:Ugh I'm bored

    Bronze:Gray maybe if you actually looked for stuff then you wouldn't be bored

    Gray:But this is a waste of time!

    Bronze:Says the guy who throws a Pokeball at every Pokemon he sees.

    Gray:Atleast I make something of my life!

    Bronze:*Sigh*Go bother Purple.

    With Purple

    Gray:Hey Purple what are you doing?

    Purple:Checking out these shoes there in style.

    Gray:Style?Pff if anyone knows style it's me.

    Purple:Your wearing a hat with two beaks,A slightly ripped Jacket,torn jeans,a shoe on one foot and a Sandle on the other.

    Gray:I don't see how this proves your point.


    Gray:*Mumbles*I wonder if they sell Potions here

    This is a planned scene for the first movie it takes place after Gray jumps off a cliff taking down a legendary pokemon.E…

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  • TheThing12

    Yep it happened in Florida last night.Some half alive looking dude was eating some dude's face off and the cops saw and shot him 5 times in the chest.He stayed down for about a minute then got back up and so did the dude he was eating.Their in observation right now but thiws is some scary stuff.Prepare your guns.Arm your explosives.The day we've(I've?) been preparing for has finally arrived!If this stuff get's out we'll have to meet up somewhere...all of us and try to stick together and fight them all.Who's with me? And here is my proof:


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