At the mall

Gray:Ugh I'm bored

Bronze:Gray maybe if you actually looked for stuff then you wouldn't be bored

Gray:But this is a waste of time!

Bronze:Says the guy who throws a Pokeball at every Pokemon he sees.

Gray:Atleast I make something of my life!

Bronze:*Sigh*Go bother Purple.

With Purple

Gray:Hey Purple what are you doing?

Purple:Checking out these shoes there in style.

Gray:Style?Pff if anyone knows style it's me.

Purple:Your wearing a hat with two beaks,A slightly ripped Jacket,torn jeans,a shoe on one foot and a Sandle on the other.

Gray:I don't see how this proves your point.


Gray:*Mumbles*I wonder if they sell Potions here

First Movie

This is a planned scene for the first movie it takes place after Gray jumps off a cliff taking down a legendary pokemon.Everyone assumes he is dead but in reality he was able to capture the Legendary and send out his Pidgeot and it flew him to the ground but no one knows that yet.

Bronze:I can't believe it...Gray...

Gray:*Walks over but isn't heard*Hey guys what are you crying about?

Purple:H-he's dead...Gray...

Gray:I'm dead?

Bronze:He shall be avenged we must complete his journey for him.


Bronze:I will finish his dream and become a Pokemon Master.

Gray:Hey I'll have you know I'm the only one who is becoming a Master in this group!

Purple:Did you hear something?

Gray:And they call me the dumb one....

Bronze:Yeah I did it sounds like*Turns around*GRAY!How did you get here?

Gray:I've been here for like 5 minutes you couldn't hear me.

Team Rocket

Rocket1:Kid your coming with us!


Rocket2:Were not giving you a choice.Hand over your pokemon and come with us.

Gray:You guys are boring you won't even battle*Walks away*

Hostage situation

Gray:*Wakes up*Where am I?I better find the others.

Gray walks down the hall and reaches for his Pokeballs

Gray:Where's T...Oh yeah I left him with Purple.Dang.

He wonders down the hall and comes across Purple

Purple:Gray?You came back for me?

Gray:Um...Yeah...sure....I totally wasn't gonna take Thunder and leave you here....Um..he he..




Gray:Oh yeah!*Takes Thunder's pokeball and walks off*Thanks!

Purple:What about me?

Gray:I'll come back for you later!

Trying to get Purple to Hoenn

Gray & Bronze:Come on!



Purple:Cause I want to go home!

Bronze:After me and Gray beat the Hoenn league come on!

Purple:You can't make me!

Bronze:*Starts pulling on her arm and trying to get her on the boat*

Purple:*Stands her ground*No you can't make me!

Gray:Bronze let me handle this...*Walks up to purple*Purple you don't have to...*Throws he over his shoulder and runs on the Boat*Bronze hit it!

Bronze:Aye aye!*Drives Boat off*

Gray:*Puts purple down*

Purple:I'm heading home

Gray:I hope you can swim

Purple:On second thought Hoenn might be fun.

  • Pokemon Advanced Challenge theme plays*

Indigo League

Ethan:Wow I haveb een defeated after so many years....

Gray:And to think it only took me a minute...

Ethan:Alright Gray choose your Prize.Prize number 1 A Medal to wear and show your victory.


Ethan:Prize Number 2 your own Car with the Indigo League Signatures on it.

Gray:Mm hm.

Bronze:Yes Finally made it to the Champion!

Gray:Can it wait a minute?I'm picking my Prize.

Purple:I wonder what he'll choose.

Bronze:I wonder how he got back here so fast.

Ethan:Prize Number 3 an official Platinum VIP pass to the Orange and Sevii Islands.

Purple:Gray choose that one!

Gray:Hang on I want to see the last prize!

Ethan:And finally an official Pokemon League Expo Hat Deluxe edition!

Bronze:Oh come on he's obviously going for the ticke-

Gray:The Hat!

Purple & Bronze:COME ON!

Gray:What?It's a good hat....Besides there's only one of them.*Replaces his hats*

Purple:Great now we have to pay...

Bronze:Can I pick a prize?

Ethan:Sorry but Gray got here first but I can give you a Badge like everyone else who beats us.

Gray:This hat is the start of a new generation!

Bronze:Yah one that cost money....